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Aplicacion portada a la plataforma Grid de EELA 2 (LGI):

GridFSant - Gridification Ant Colony Optimization For Flow Shop as Parallel Algorithm Using Collective Intelligence
Domain:Computer Science / AI / Optimization
Status:4   (Learn more)
Middleware:gLite  /  Language: MPICH
GridFSAnt is Optimization by Ant Colony System Metaheuristic, it's used to find optimal solutions to problems NP-COMPLETE know as FlowShop problem, is of high importance in the field of science and engineering, and found optimal solutions has a high impact on the industry of the manufactured and production. Therefore the use of high-performance computing tools such as Cluster and Grids is vital in the development of this field in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of solutions. The problem of FlowShop (FS) is a set of n jobs j=1,...n to be processed on a set of m machines M1,...,Mm are configured in series so that jobs must follow this same route. Each job requires m operations i=1,...,m one for each machine and each machine can process one job at a time. If jobs remain the same sequence between the machines is known as permuted FS, but if it allows changes in the sequence to move from one machine to another then known as not permuted FS The solution space is generally calculated as (n!)m possible solutions sequencing of jobs. The problem is representyed by FS|no-prmu|Cmax.
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Demo:Not available
Research Group.
Marco Antonio Crúz Chavez   <> UAEM
Mexico (Key contact)
Fredy Júarez Pérez   < Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla > UAEM
Mexico (Key contact)
Beatriz Mártinez Bahena   < Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla > UAEM
Roberto Estrada Alcázar   <> UPEMOR
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Maestrías y Doctorados en: Tecnología Eléctrica, Tecnología Química, Tecnología de Materiales y Tecnología Mecánica.



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