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Aplicacion portada a la plataforma Grid de EELA 2:

PSAUPMP - Parallel Simulated Annealing algoritm for the weighted Unrelated Parallel Machines Problem
Domain:Engineering / Computer Science and Mathematics - using Monte Carlo method
Status:5   (Learn more)
Middleware:gLite  /  Language: C
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The problem of a sequence of 'n' jobs on 'm' unrelated parallel machines without interruptions is classified as an NP-complete problem. Researchers have focused on this type of problem because of the hardness it presents when searching for an optimum solution. It is also of interest due to its wide application in the manufacturing industry. Many investigations have been carried out in order to find algorithms that solve this problem. In order to solve the problem, a parallel algorithm is developed using c/c++, MonteCarlo and MPI libraries. This application runs on a HPC cluster with Scientific Linux 4.7, NFS, GCC and MPI. Our interest is to provide a front-end using the EELA-2 infrastructure.

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Research Group
Fredy Juárez Pérez   <> UAEM
Mexico - 55 proxies in 20 days (Key contact)
Irma Hernandez Baez   <> UAEM
Mexico - 0 proxies in 0 days (Key contact)
Marco Antonio Cruz Chavez   <> UAEM
Mexico - 0 proxies in 0 days
Alina Martinez Oropeza   <> UAEM
Mexico - 0 proxies in 0 days
Erika Yesenia Ávila Melgar   <> UAEM
Mexico - 0 proxies in 0 days
Abelardo Rodriguez Leon   <> ITVer
Mexico - 0 proxies in 0 days

Presentation: Parallel Simulated Annealing algoritm for the weighted Unrelated Parallel Machines Problem. In: Second EELA-2 Grid School, Queretaro (Mexico), 2009.
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Maestrías y Doctorados en: Tecnología Eléctrica, Tecnología Química, Tecnología de Materiales y Tecnología Mecánica.



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